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  • Pets Stain on Carpet? 5 Sure Ways to Clean Your Carpet

    May 4, 2020
    pet stain on carpet

    76% of households in the country own a pet. That’s about 85 million families!

    As much as we love our pets, they sometimes can’t help an accident. Dealing with a pet stain on carpet surfaces can feel stressful. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can clean it off to prevent further damage or odors from spreading.

    Keep reading to discover five easy ways to remove pet stains and odors on carpets and rugs!

    With these tips, you can discover how to get rid of pet stains with ease. That way, you don’t have to worry about tossing out your favorite carpet. Instead, you can clean up the mess for a carpet that’s practically brand new.

    Clean the stains away with these five easy at-home methods!

    1. White Vinegar

    Sometimes, cats dodge their litter boxes or training puppies have an accident. While it’s normal, cleaning up these messes can become exhausting and time-consuming. When you don’t use the right tools, pet odors on carpet materials can even linger.

    If you want to learn how to get rid of a pet stain on rugs, start by grabbing a roll of paper towels. You might want to consider grabbing a mask, too. Then, dab at the urine using paper towels.

    Even after dabbing at the stain, you want to make sure to deep clean the fabric.

    Start by grabbing a bottle of white vinegar. White vinegar is a great way to neutralize odors. It’s ideal for wet stains or stains that have sat unattended for a while.

    First, make sure to blot at the area. Then, mix equal parts of cold water and white vinegar. Pour the solution generously over the stain.

    Blot thoroughly. Then, let the area dry. You can also use a fan to speed up the process.

    Once the area is dry, run a vacuum over the area. White vinegar will help reduce pet odors on carpet fabrics and keep your carpet clean.

    2. Baking or Club Soda

    If white vinegar alone doesn’t work, try using baking soda or club soda instead.

    Baking Soda

    First, combine one cup of white distilled vinegar with two tablespoons of baking soda. Add one cup of warm water and mix. Make sure the solution is blended before applying it to the pet stain.

    White vinegar is often used for its cleaning properties, baking soda helps remove pet odors on rugs.

    Spray or pour the mixture onto the stain. Then, let it sit for five to 10 minutes. Use a towel to rub at the stain until it’s gone.

    You can also try using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Hydrogen peroxide is great for removing urine and other pet stains. Mixing it with baking soda can ensure a deep clean that removes harsh odors.

    For this mixture, add one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent to one cup of baking soda. Then, add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide.

    Sprinkle a little of the baking soda over the stain. Then, pour your mixture atop the baking soda. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes before rubbing at it with a towel.

    Using a vacuum to remove the baking soda residue.

    Club Soda

    If the baking soda isn’t working, it’s time to switch over to the club soda. Club soda is ideal for pre-treating a soiled carpet. It can help you handle nearly any type of pet stain.

    However, club soda is only effective when the soda is effervescing. With that in mind, you might need to apply the treatment a few times.

    Make sure to blot the area before you start. Then, pour on the club soda. When the solution stops fizzing, blot the spot.

    Repeat as needed. If the pet stain doesn’t fade, switch back to the baking soda treatment above for a thorough clean.

    3. Professional Cleanings

    The average American family spends about $40 to $50 each month on cleaning. That can equate to about $600 a year. In order to ensure a pet stain on carpet fabrics is fully removed, consider hiring a professional.

    Some pet stains are too difficult to handle alone.

    Professional cleaners have the necessary tools to ensure a thorough, deep clean. They also have the experience necessary to handle these pet stains and odors.

    Instead of wasting your time and money trying to go it alone, call in the professionals. You can ask them about the products they use as well as their experience handling pet stains.

    4. Commercial Solutions

    While there are many natural pet stain remedies you can create on your own, there are also a few non-hypoallergenic commercial products available. Make sure to research if the brand is ideal for your carpet fabric.

    Many of these commercial solutions have their own specially-formulated cleaners for pet stains. They usually include ingredients such as infused oxygen and enzymes. These compounds can help ensure a deep clean.

    These cleaners won’t only cover up pet odors on carpet fabrics, though. Rather, they’re formulated to remove pet stains and dig in deep. These products can also help remove other stains, including dirt, grease, and vomit.

    5. Citrus-Enzyme

    As mentioned above, many professional stain removal products include enzymes. Enzymes are designed to digest and break down stains and odors on a molecular level. If your previous at-home remedies aren’t working, try creating a citrus-enzyme mix instead.

    However, it’s important to note that this recipe takes three months to set. It’s sometimes better to call in a professional to deal with your pet stains instead.

    To create this mixture, you’ll need:

    • 1.5 cups of lemon and orange peels
    • 1 liter of water
    • 7 tablespoons of brown sugar
    • A large container

    Funnel the brown sugar into your container. Then, add the lemon and orange peels. Finally, add the water and give the mixture a good shake.

    Once it looks mixed, loosen the cap. Leave the container halfway open to release gases. Otherwise, the bottle could explode due to the build-up.

    You can then use this mixture to blot away the stain.

    Pet Stain on Carpet? 5 Ways to Clean Away Pet Stains

    Dealing with a pet stain on carpet fabrics? Don’t stress it! With these five ways to clean away pet stains, you can get your carpet looking like new!

    Eager for a deep clean? Schedule a cleaning appointment with our professionals today!

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