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    Pets are like family, and we get that. We also understand that there can be challenges to having indoor pets. Whether its urine deposits, pet odor, or just any other foul odor, our specially formulated solution can take care of the job. Pet odors are the result of bacteria growth, which is common in warm, dark places like your carpet. The longer things resonate, the worse it gets. The same is for urine deposits which can cause permanent color damage, either by adding color by dying the carpet fibers or by removing color by releasing carpet dyes.

    These can be irreversible, and should be treated as soon as possible to prevent any permanent staining. Guaranteed to remove any odor from carpets, rugs or upholstery, Safe-Dry®’s formula breaks apart the molecules and proteins that cause odors and stains. Never covering or masking the odor, Safe-Dry® actually removes the odor causing agents preventing any further damage and staining. Live cleaner and call your local Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning today!

    $25 OFF Pet Odor Removal

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