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  • Glen Iris Neighborhood In Birmingham, AL


    Glen Iris, located in Birmingham, Alabama, is a charming neighborhood known for its historic homes, tree-lined streets, and a strong sense of community. This residential area is nestled near Birmingham Botanical Gardens and features a mix of architectural styles, including Tudor Revival, Craftsman, Colonial Revival, and more. With its picturesque surroundings and well-preserved homes, Glen Iris exudes a timeless charm. Residents and visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the iconic Clairmont Avenue, explore the nearby Avondale neighborhood with its trendy shops and eateries, or immerse themselves in nature at Rushton Park. Forest Park offers a tranquil and vibrant living experience in Birmingham.

    Major Streets In the Neighborhood

    Glen Iris, Birmingham, Alabama, is traversed by several major streets that contribute to the neighborhood’s accessibility and connectivity. Conroy Rd, Cherry Street, Linwood Road, 38th Street, and Clairmont Avenue are among the prominent streets in Forest Park. These roads provide convenient access to residential areas, commercial establishments, and various points of interest throughout the neighborhood and beyond.

    Major Apartment Complex in the Neighborhood

    Park 35 on Clairmont is a prominent apartment complex located in the Glen Iris neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama. This modern and upscale residential community offers a range of apartment options to cater to different needs and preferences. The complex features luxurious amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, clubhouse, and outdoor gathering areas. Park 35 on Clairmont provides its residents with a convenient and comfortable lifestyle, with easy access to nearby parks, dining options, and shopping centers. With its prime location and stylish living spaces, Park 35 on Clairmont stands as a sought-after apartment complex option in the Glen Iris area.

    Expensive houses in the Neighborhood

    Glen Iris, Birmingham AL, offers some exquisite and expensive houses that showcase the charm and elegance of the neighborhood. Among these notable residences are 965 Conroy Rd, 805 39th St S, and 936 39th St S. These homes boast stunning architecture, spacious interiors, and stylish features. Located in a desirable location, these properties offer convenient access to amenities, parks, and the vibrant city of Birmingham. With their prime locations and luxurious design, these houses exemplify the upscale living experience that Forest Park has to offer to those seeking a refined and luxurious lifestyle.

    Zip codes, Restaurants, Malls, or Business Buildings in the Neighborhood

    Glen Iris in Birmingham, Alabama primarily falls within the zip code 35222. This zip code encompasses the neighborhood and its surroundings, serving residents and businesses in the area.

    Within Glen Iris, there are several notable dining establishments and business buildings. SAW’s Soul Kitchen is a beloved restaurant known for its mouth watering barbecue dishes. Ampersandwich offers a variety of fresh and delicious sandwiches. Avondale Common House is a popular dining spot that combines a restaurant, bar, and event venue. The Rougaroux is a Cajun-inspired restaurant offering flavorful dishes. Dunn Building Company is a prominent construction and development firm, contributing to the growth and development of the area.

    These establishments add to the vibrant culinary and business scene of Forest Park, providing residents and visitors with a range of options to explore and enjoy.

    Points of interest in the neighborhood

    Forest Park in Birmingham, Alabama boasts several points of interest that attract residents and visitors alike. One of the notable attractions is the Avondale Park Historic District, a charming and picturesque area that showcases the neighborhood’s rich history and architecture. It offers a serene environment for leisurely walks or picnics.

    Jim’s Construction, LLC is another point of interest in Forest Park, known for its quality construction services and contributions to the development of the area. Hope Locating, LLC is a company that specializes in utility locating services. While these businesses may not be traditional points of interest for tourists, they are important components of the local community and play a role in supporting the growth and infrastructure of Forest Park.

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