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  • How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

    The question on cost of carpet cleaning is an important one. To ensure carpets are maintained in tip-top condition, you’ll need to budget for regular cleaning services. The exact cost of carpet cleaning will be affected by several factors, and it is important to understand these in order to have the most efficient budget, and not be forced to save by engaging poor service providers. 

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    Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

    Let’s recap quickly the several scenarios that absolutely necessitate engaging a professional carpet cleaner. These include deep cleaning, removal of mold or mildew, pet stain and odour removal and of course restoration after a flood.

    So what are the benefits of professional carpet cleaning? Professional carpet cleaners are fully-trained and experienced in the latest methods, equipped with the right tools and equipment to restore carpets to their original luster. They have the necessary knowledge to assess damage and formulate plans of action that best suit your needs. Plus, they are able to offer specialized treatments for specific stains or odours that regular cleaning may not be able to tackle.

    We discuss these benefits in more detail in this article on why professional carpet cleaning is worth it.


    Carpet Cleaning Cost by Type

    The cost of carpet cleaning can vary significantly depending on the type of carpet you have. While most cleaners offer a standard rate for all carpets, some may offer discounts for other types of materials. Here are the common types of carpet and their corresponding prices:

    Cut and Loop Piles

    cut and loop piles carpets are a special type of carpet that require special techniques to effectively and safely clean. Prices for these carpets may range from $85-200 per room depending on the size and complexity of the job.

    Berber Carpets

    You should expect carpet cleaning quote per room to be in the range of $120 to $150 per room.

    Natural Fiber Rugs

    Natural fiber rugs, such as jute, sisal, and sea grass will cost around $75 to $100 per room.

    Synthetics and Specialty Carpets

    Prices generally range from $90-$150 per room for carpets made from nylon, polypropylene, and olefin.


    What Affects The Cost of Cleaning Your Carpet

    There are several factors that can influence the cost of carpet cleaning. Here are some of the principles to consider:

    Carpet Size

    The cost of carpet cleaning is usually determined by the square footage of the area to be cleaned. The larger the area, the more it will cost.

    Carpet Material

    Different types of carpets require different methods and materials to clean them effectively. Some materials can be problematic or delicate, making them slightly more expensive to clean.

    Type of Cleaning Required

    The cost may also be determined by the type of cleaning required. Deep cleaning is more expensive than regular maintenance because it requires more time and resources to complete.


    Cleaning stairs usually costs more than cleaning other areas, so this should be taken into account when getting a quote for carpet cleaning services. This is because of their hard-to-reach areas, as well as the need to move furniture and appliances.

    Furniture Moving

    If you need furniture to be moved, you may need to pay an additional charge. This is usually a small fee and should be included in your quote.

    Additional Services

    There are many services that may be included in professional carpet cleaning and may come at an additional cost, so make sure to ask the company beforehand if these services are available and how much they will add to your bill.


    If you need your carpets deodorized, this is usually an extra fee. It’s best to check what type of deodorizing products the company uses, as some may contain harsh chemicals that could potentially damage your carpets.

    Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning 

    Most carpet cleaning companies will offer additional services such as furniture and upholstery cleaning. These services may come at an additional cost, so make sure to ask about them before you commit. Even though you did not plan for it, using a professional cleaning service is also a good opportunity to give your furniture and upholstery a deep clean.

    Stair Cleaning

    Cleaning stairs and small alcoves can be a labor-intensive job, so you may need to pay an additional fee for this service.

    Teflon Treatment

    Teflon treatment of carpets is also usually an additional fee. This type of treatment can make your carpets more stain resistant and easier to clean, so if you have pets or children this may be a worthwhile investment.

    Furniture Moving & Removal

    Most carpet cleaning companies will offer the service of furniture moving and/or removal, for a fee. This can be beneficial if you need to move large pieces of furniture out of the way in order for the carpet to be thoroughly cleaned.

    Pet stains removal

    If you have pets and need pet stains removed, this is usually an additional fee. Make sure to ask the company what sort of stains they are experienced in dealing with before committing to their services.

    Water Damage Restoration

    If your carpets have been damaged by water, then you will likely need to pay an additional fee for this service. This is especially important if the damage has happened in a short period of time and needs to be repaired quickly.

    Wicking and Re-stretching

    If your carpets are loose or buckling then a professional carpet cleaner may be able to re-stretch and/or wick them. Wicking is a process of extracting moisture from the carpets, which can lead to mold and mildew if not done correctly. This service usually comes at an additional fee.

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    In Summary …

    Overall, it is important to remember that carpet cleaning companies will have different rates and services. Make sure to ask about all of the options available before committing so you know exactly how much the service will cost. In addition, make sure to research any company thoroughly so you can be assured they are reputable and experienced in carpet cleaning techniques.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I save money on carpet cleaning?

    The best way to save money on carpet cleaning is to shop around and compare prices. Also, make sure to ask about any special offers or discounts the company may have. Additionally, if you are needing furniture moved during the cleaning process, it can help to move furniture beforehand so that the cleaner does not need to do it themselves. However, do not make the mistake to think that the cheapest price is the best saving, be sure to compare the quality of the services offered.

    How often is it OK to clean carpet?

    Carpet cleaning experts recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned every 12-18 months, but this can vary depending on how much foot traffic your carpets get and if you have pets in the home. Vacuuming regularly is also important to help keep your carpets clean and fresh.

    How much does carpet cleaning cost in the US?

    The average cost of professional carpet cleaning in the US is around $97 per room. However, prices can vary depending on the size and type of materials used for your carpets. Additionally, some companies may offer discounts or special offers which can help to reduce the overall cost.

    Will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odors?

    Yes, professional carpet cleaning can help to reduce pet odors. In addition, most companies will offer full-scale deodorizing services for an additional cost. This can help to make your carpets smell fresh and clean again.

    How long does it take to carpet to dry?

    This depends on the type of carpet and the amount of water used during the cleaning process. For dry carpet cleaning otherwise called low moisture carpet cleaning, it may take 1-2 hours to dry. For wet carpet cleaning, it may take up to 24 hours for the carpets to fully dry out. It is always best to ask your cleaner for an estimated drying time during the quote process.

    What time of year is best to clean carpets?

    The best time of year to clean carpets depends on your climate. In cold climates, the winter months are best for carpet cleaning as the air is drier and windows can be opened to help speed up the drying process. In warm climates, spring and summer months may be more ideal as the humidity can help with faster drying times.

    Do you clean carpet until water is clean?

    This is where experience and technique come in. Professional carpet cleaners will use a combination of cleaning methods to ensure the carpets are as clean as possible. The ultimate goal, irrespective of the method or technique used, is to remove as much dirt, debris and bacteria from the carpets. The water used in the cleaning process will not necessarily show how clean the carpets are, but a visual inspection of the carpets post-cleaning should provide an indication of how effective the cleaning process has been.

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